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Anioto Club Show

What isAnioto Club? Anioto Club is a branch of KongoLisolo whose valuation and defense of the culture of the world's blacks is his hobbyhorse.

A new popular show among the black community of the world with Lady Congo.

Anioto Club, show is a public show and open to all those who are passionate about real history Black / African and who want to defend it.

In Anioto Club Show, we will talk about Bantu culture, about culture Dongo, Egyptian culture, Zulu culture; we will discuss subjects on nature, fauna, flora, inventions of blacks. We will also talk about slavery; of our brothers and sisters who are in America, the Caribbean, etc.

To all Black thinkers in the world, all your contributions, opinions, points of view and questions are welcome and may be the subject of debates and exchanges, colloquiums and conferences.

Please contact : lady, by phone or Whatssap : + 243 994 852 649. Or the General Management of KL: customersevice or by phone: + 1888 438 8 022.

LadyCongo : Peace and Love! We are together !