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Nuru Afrika (NA)

Vision: Nuru Afrika's vision is to bring the Black / African man out of the darkness which darkens his mind, his life and his well-being.

Objectives: Nuru Afrika has set herself the objectives of:

  • Break the chains that hinder human development Black / African ;
  • Free man Black / African ideologies, clichés and stereotypes which, like a shell, surround it;
  • Investing in people Black / African for the full development of Africa
  • Encourage initiatives that are part of the African Renewal;
  • Create mechanisms to reconnect with the radiance of yesteryear from Africa;
  • Rewrite the glorious history of Africa based on its true landmarks;
  • Revalorize guides Africans ;
  • To leave a legacy of greatness to future African generations;
  • To make sure that the Black Race influences the other Races of the world.

Motivation: Nuru Africa is a space that addresses and shares the themes that dispel all the gray areas of the march towards the greatness of Africa.

Slogans: Nuru Afrika is Africa Lumière.