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Ridicule does not kill


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Ridicule does not kill

When the Congolese authorities allow ambassadors accredited to Kinshasa to stick their noses in everything in the DRC: Dear African Brothers and Sisters and in particular you from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), KongoLisolo is apolitical and non-aligned, but we ask ourselves "What the ambassadors, stationed in Kinshasa, do in the DRC, can the Congolese ambassadors do it in the countries where they are accredited?" "
The Genocidal God of Christians: the God of Christians has committed many crimes of genocide; by referring to the bible, (the word of God), for Christians, it is proven without flaw that their God is a recidivist genocidaire, and which could strike again "Let us examine some references on the crimes of genocide committed by God himself- even, according to the Holy Scriptures, the bible ”
Each religion has its God: whatever may be said, each religious structure has its God; it is generally accepted that God created man in his image "It is false - the opposite is true" It is indeed man who created a God in his image; religions being the emanation of men, as man has evolved, he has at the same time made the conception of his God evolve

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