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For Africans who are still distracted, and all the descendants of Africa scattered on planet Earth: Here is the book « MABONDELI » that will help you reconnect with your ancestors and with your creator nzambe

The book « MABONDELI » shows you how to pray, ask and chat with the creator God as your ancestors did before the arrival of the Arabs and whites in the holy land which is called AFRICA today.

Dear blacks from all over the world, we encourage you to buy this book « MABONDELI » And you will not be disappointed. It is the key to the truth and the truth to the key to knowledge. Click here to buy it…
For all your questions about the book. Do not hesitate to contact KongoLisolo by email contact@kongolisolo. Co or phone number + 1888-438-8022 ... "The book is in English and in Lingala" ... Thank you!