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Terms and conditions



I. Internal regulations KongoLisolo requires mutual respect and courtesy to all participants in this (website) forum.

It's done, KongoLisolo makes internal regulations available to all Internet users which must be respected by all.

By participating in KongoLisoloyou agree to abide by the rules below.

1. FORUM (GROUP) KongoLisolo Reminds members of the following:

A. The discussion forum KongoLisolo is a moderated list allowing the exchange of all information which directly or indirectly affects Africa. Registration for the website (forum) is individual and free…

It is FORBIDDEN to create more than one username. This is confusing for other members and does not help build a trustworthy community.

B. As originally, KongoLisolo remains a (website) free expression forum. For this purpose, any publication not originating from an administrator of the (website) forum, commits only its author.

C. Exchanges of opinions and comments must be done with courtesy and with mutual respect.

D. Obscene and degrading images / videos will not be tolerated.

E. Nor do we allow obscene, hateful, blasphemous, racist, tribalist, discriminatory, pornographic, offensive, insulting, slanderous or even threatening defamatory remarks.

You can not post content that disparages, criticizes, or belittles a member of KongoLisolo. This (website) forum is made to build and not destroy, unite and not divide.

2. LANGUE There are no language barriers in KongoLisolo, But it is better to use the languages ​​that are in KongoLisolo (19 LANGUAGES) for the understanding of everyone!


A. Please be careful not to post the same message multiple times.

B. All videos posted in the (website) forum KongoLisolo Do not have to exceed 10 minutesBut if it's educational, it can go up to 15 minutes!


You can not post any content for commercial purposes (sale of articles, advertising ...).

This also includes advertising for your own business. Solicitations for a charity, raffle or contests, posting of sponsorship banners, solicitation of goods or services and / or spam are prohibited on the forum.

En addition, you can not solicit funds, advertisers or sponsors, and you can not promote a "pyramid" or similar system because, it is, unfortunately, impossible to verify the validity of each organization that solicits donations; Therefore, in order to protect the KongoLisolois and KongoLisolofraud, we must ban solicitations for charitable organizations.

5. MEMBERS: Rights & Freedoms

A. Any member of KongoLisolo enjoys fundamental freedoms of conscience, thought, belief, opinion and expression.

B. Every member has the right to respect for his private life, his honor, his dignity and the security of his person ...


Sanctions against recidivists will be applied: 2 Warnings, then you will be banned from (WEBSITE) FORUM

A. If you feel that a member has violated the terms of use or rule of KongoLisolo or if you believe that a participant is behaving inappropriately, please notify us by clicking on the link: Customerservice @kongolisolo. Co

B. If we realize that a member whose present or past activities constitute a violation of the regulations of KongoLisolowe immediately and definitely interrupt this member.


These rules of KongoLisolo can be changed at any time by the administration of KongoLisolo and without notice. However, the new rules will be made available to members of KongoLisolo in a brief delay.


Use your common sense and have a wonderful time in KONGOLISOLO We recommend a little rigor since WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU THINK OR HOW YOU UNDERSTAND IT, BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR WRITINGS!

NB: The website (Forum), KongoLisolo is intended for mature people and prohibited at least 21 years

By: KongoLisolo Administration!